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Your ongoing contribution will go directly to assist your chosen animal from #TheAbandoned19 for their healthcare costs (such as desexing, essential dental work, injury treatment, routine vetting, monthly preventatives and supplies whilst in foster care), so they can be placed up for adoption as soon as possible and commence their new lives with a true Forever Home.

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These babies were dumped like rubbish or were found after becoming lost from their homes. They were taken to their local country pound on the east coast of Australia.

The Dumped Ones don’t know what they did wrong.  In truth, they did nothing wrong.  For some, a new, younger puppy came along and they weren’t as cute as their ‘replacement’.  The Lost Ones don’t know why their human has not come to take them home.  Some of their humans told the pound they were coming for them… but they never showed up.

These babies have done nothing wrong.  The truth?  #$@&%*! (“people”) have let them down.  They were left confused, frightened and heartbroken that their human didn’t come to rescue them.

These babies were on the Kill List at the pound.  They were set to die on Wednesday morning, 7th July 2021.

Volunteer organisation, Friday’s Legacy Animal Rescue, quickly saved them with minutes to spare and headed with them to Brisbane.

This organisation took a HUGE chance because without that rescue transport getting them out of the pound that day, they would have all been KILLED – alone and afraid.

At great cost and effort, the saved pets were given a short reprieve of emergency accommodation and after two weeks of public appeals, almost all animals have been moved to the homes of wonderful human foster carers.  Without those saviours, these furbabies would have had to be returned to a pound and put back on a Kill List as everyone in SE Qld is overflowing.

Whilst these animals have safe havens for now in homes with a warm bed, full bellies and cuddles, they need vet work after being neglected in their previous lives and before Friday’s Legacy Animal Rescue can start finding them their true Forever Homes.  We need your help…we estimate it will cost in excess of $15,000 to get all these animals healthy enough to be available for adoption.

We are grateful for any and all assistance… and so are the animals you will directly be helping.


NB: No minimum time commitment is required – you can cancel at any time.  Your first payment will be deducted when you complete the Checkout process.

Friday’s Legacy Animal Rescue is a QLD based animal rescue group.  Inspired to rescue by our founders own rescue dog, “Friday”, our focus is to give animals that are on death row in remote Australian pounds a second chance at life. Please note we are currently NOT a registered charity and therefore are unable to issue tax receipts, however 100% of funds we receive from purchases are put directly towards our vet and training costs and we provide updates on social feeds as often as possible about the progress of our campaigns. We commit 100% of our rescue funds (and a lot of our personal funds!) towards the animals in our care. We are a volunteer and foster based rescue.

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0X1 – Creed, 004 – Asha, 005 – Aura, 006 – Bear, 009 – Dawn, 010 – Buddy, 011 – Martini, Midori, Stout, Champers, Daiquiri (Kitten Litter), 013 – Bella, 014 – Klara, 016 – Joe, 019 – Chappy, 020 – Xena, 021 – Poppy, 023 – Dylan, 024 – Lolly, You Choose – Whoever needs it most!


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